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Our English Vision

At Manor Park CE First School we are driven to engage and develop children as authors and as readers. We use a varied curriculum to allow children access to high quality texts and real life writing opportunities. Our school Vision Statement, ‘Inspiring all to learn and grow’ is what drives our English curriculum and helps us to allow it to flourish in other subjects and in real life situations. We are preparing children to be the authors, public speakers and readers of the future. We are teaching them the skills needed to be a lifelong learner with potential to be whatever they want to be.

“Writers love words. If children do not love words, then why should they spend time loitering over reading and writing? A good teacher brings words alive. In some ways, teachers are the guardians of our language – the well-turned phrase, the beautifully constructed argument, the story that will stay in the mind for ever.

Pie Corbett 2008.

As a school, Manor Park CE First School use the Pie Corbett Transforming Reading and Writing approach. Children are immersed in high quality texts and then spend time imitating, innovating and inventing their own writing. We also use the Reading Spine books recommended by Pie Corbett to embed the adventurous vocabulary in the minds of our children.  Alongside this we are actively linking with the Chris Quigley Essential Characteristics of learning, to ensure English skills are intricately woven into our broader curriculum.   One key element is that a  ‘love of writing and an appreciation of its educational, cultural and entertainment values’ is nurtured. In our reading we ensure we are building the ‘motivation to read for both study and for pleasure’ by allowing children to experience texts rich in language and ideas, author visits, theatre visits and school events such as, ‘Pick up a book at a picnic’ and ‘Stop… Drop and Read’. 

Through a variety of games, activities and direct teaching, children at Manor Park are engaged in spoken language and the importance of being a confident communicator. Opportunities for peer communication, cross phase performances and wider community opportunities are regularly taken by children in our school.

“…reading, writing and oracy play a core part in the curriculum and DASP strives to embed these skills in every aspect of education. We want pupils to love reading, enjoy writing and be confident communicators.”

DASP Oracy toolkit 2019