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Structure of the Governing Body and its Responsibilities


All maintained school governing Boards must be constituted under the 2012 Constitution Regulations. These regulations provide that the minimum size of a Board of Governors is seven members and must include within this:

  • At least two parent governors, elected where possible by the parents
  • The Headteacher
  • One elected staff Governor
  • One Local Authority Governor, nominated by the LA
  • Where appropriate Foundation Governors who are appointed by the Diocese

At Manor Park our Board of Governors is made up of ten Governors:

  • Headteacher – Mrs Tamara Sterck
  • 2 Foundation Governors – Rev Cora Yarrien, *1 x vacancy*
  • Staff Governor – Ms Clair Bolland
  • 3 Community Governors – Mr Mark Branson, *2 x vacancy*
  • 3 Parent Governors – Mrs Anna Jackson, Mrs Eve Summers, *1 x vacancy*


The three core functions of the governing body are often quoted as:

  • Setting vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

There are many tasks that the Governing Body is legally responsible for ensuring happen although they may not actually perform the task. Effective working relationships with the Senior Leadership team is vital to ensuring that all aspects of governance are translated into a well run school.

The Governing Body is responsible for the conduct of the school, and must promote high standards of educational achievement. It is the accountable body in law and as such it must:

    • Provide long term strategy for the school by establishing a vision, ethos and aim
    • Appoints and holds the headteacher to account for educational performance
    • Performance appraises the Headteacher
    • Agrees the School Development Plan, including:
      • Setting targets
      • Agreeing Budgets
      • Supporting Staffing structures
    • Monitors and evaluates the work of the school by reviewing:
      • The performance of the Headteacher
      • The effectiveness of policies
      • Progress towards agreed targets
      • The effectiveness of the School Development Plan
      • Signs off the self evaluation process and responds to Ofsted reports as necessary. In addition it ensures that parents are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate

      The Governing Body should encompass a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge to ensure effective governance is maintained. A range of ingredients are required to create an effective and well managed Governing Body.

      • The right people round the table
      • Understanding the roles and responsibilities
      • Commitment to the role
      • Good Chairing
      • Professional clerking
      • Good relationships based on trust
      • Knowledge of the school – the staff, the children, the parents, the community, the data
      • Confidence to ask challenging questions

Meetings of the Manor Park CE First School Full Governing Body (FGB)

The FGB meets on a monthly basis to work with the Senior Leadership Team in keeping an eye on all aspects of life at Manor Park CE First School. Our discussions focus on a number of key areas:

1: The Curriculum: we ensure that all children have access to the National Curriculum and that high academic standards are maintained. To do this we discuss the school’s curriculum policies, monitor the quality of teaching and study the annual attainment test results. We also check that pupils with additional needs are provided for and treated fairly. The curriculum we follow is published on the website.

2: Finance: as a Governing Body we oversee the financial management of the school and make sure that it operates within budget and makes the most effective use of the funds it receives from the LA. We help the Headteacher and Business Manager set a plan of projected income and expenditure and also advise on policies relating to financial matters such as the School’s Lettings Policy.

3: School Development Plan (SDP): each year we design, plan, implement and monitor the SDP. This plan is guided by the priorities for the school and is a collection of curriculum development, pupil needs and premises maintenance. The SDP is published on the website.

4: Ethos and Values: we have a role in setting and maintaining the distinctive Christian ethos and culture within the school. All the decisions made are in the light of our ethos and values.

5: Links with other organisations: as a Governing Body we have a role in developing links with external organisations including DASP and the LA.

If you feel you have the qualities to be a school Governor please speak to the Clerk, Mrs Claire Warne who will be pleased to advise you of any vacancies and how to apply for these.

Please contact the school office if you would like to view any of the minutes from the Governor meetings.