Safeguarding Info


You can download information that outlines the importance of good attendance below.

Illness/Medical and Dental appointments

When a child is unable to attend school due to illness or medical/dental appointments, please notify the school office by phone, if possible before 9.00am.

If your child is unwell during the school day we will contact you as soon as possible. If we are unable to make contact we will use the emergency contacts you have written on your admissions form. Children can not be released to go home on their own.

Late arrival at school

Children arriving late are required by law to be marked absent in the register. This is regarded as an unauthorised absence unless you notify the school to say that your child is late. There is a signing in book for parents to record late arrivals. It is kept outside the office at the front school entrance. You should always use the front school entrance when making any visits to the school to comply with the school security system.

Permission to leave the school premises

If your child needs to attend a clinic appointment during school time, he or she must be collected by an adult. Please inform your child’s teacher beforehand and report to the school office when collecting your child. You will need to complete an entry into the ‘departures’ book outside the office.

Absence Request

From 1st September 2013 new Government attendance regulations removes reference to family holiday and extended leave as well as the statutory threshold of ten school days. The amendments make clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Headteachers determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if the leave is granted.

End of afternoon session

Children in the Foundation Unit (Early Years and Year 1) may not leave the Unit until collected by an appropriate adult. If an older child is expecting to be met after school by a parent or parent’s representative, and that person has not arrived, the child must return to the classroom and inform the teacher.

Children catching the Service Bus or being collected by taxi or mini-bus at the end of the school day should assemble in the school foyer. There they will be supervised by a member of staff and escorted to the bus.

Taxi and minibus drivers are required to complete a simple registration form identifying who they are responsible for collecting

After School Clubs (childcare)

Please tell us if your child is attending our Manor Minors After School Club.