Safeguarding Info

Manor Minors – After School

At Manor Minor Juniors and Manor Minors
AFTER SCHOOL: The children are collected from school at the end of the day (3.15). Children in Reception and Year one are collected from the classroom while everyone else meets in the library. From here they are taken down to the setting for register and snack time. The menu includes toast, muffins, crumpets, wraps, waffles, pittas and brioche, to name just a few! A range of toppings are also available and, of course, a nice bit of fruit.

After snack, the children are free to play with everything in the setting and we endeavour to get outside into the playground when possible. The children help by giving out the snack and are encouraged to tidy away after themselves. Quieter games and reading begin as we head towards 6pm and closing time.

Ossie’s Allstars
AFTER SCHOOL: St Osmund’s children make their own way to Hut 17 (reasonably quickly!). The snack menu is similar to that of Manor Minors, though the portions are bigger!

The children help with snack preparation and handing it out. All the games come out or we head out onto the field for sports etc. We also have a nintendo wii, table tennis, table football and take votes on what everyone would like to do that afternoon. The children take responsibility for tidying away what they have played with and also wash up their plate and cup from snack time.