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Manor Minors – Breakfast

At Manor Minor Juniors and Manor Minors, the drill goes like this…
BREAKFAST: Doors open at 7.45am. From here the children are free to play with whatever toys they choose. From construction and cars to board games and books, there’s something for everyone. Breakfast is served until 8.15 with a range of cereals, toast and other extras on offer.

Before you know it it’s 8.50am and time for school. The children are walked from the setting into the school with Year’s Reception, 1 and 2 delivered to their classroom door.

At Ossie’s Allstars, things run like this…
BREAKFAST: Again, the doors open at 7.45am. Similar breakfast options are available and the majority of the games and toys can be used (some take too long to set up!). Big games of uno and other card games, pool matches and just sitting around chatting are all popular!

The bell rings at 8.45 and everyone heads off to ‘enjoy’ the school day.