Safeguarding Info

Who’s Who

All the current staff at Manor Park School:

Headteacher – Mrs. Melanie Pallister

Assistant Headteachers
Louisa Jeffery – Teaching and Learning/CPD
Esther Derrien – Curriculum and Assessment

Teaching Staff
Reception Teachers
Mrs Gillott, Mrs Burt, Ms Stanley and Mrs Waring

Year One Teachers
Mrs Jeffrey, Mrs Partridge, Mrs Hambleton-White and Mr Allen

Year Two Teachers
Mrs Oram, Miss White and Mrs Horwood 

Year Three Teachers
Mrs Young, Mr Wash, Mrs Clark, Mrs MacGregor and Mr Hine

Year Four Teachers
Mrs Derrien, Mrs Sanderson, Mrs Wall and Miss Cazzulini

Pre-school Staff

Mrs Hillier
Miss Wilmot
Mrs Fullbrook
Miss Middleton




Teacher Support Staff
Mrs Herring, Mr Evans, Mrs Patel and Mrs Brown

Year One
Miss Murrell, Mrs Richardon, Mrs Newbury, Mrs Ricardo

Year Two
Mrs St Pier, Mrs Treggiden and Mrs Ricardo

Year Three
Mrs Burden, Ms Stone and Ms Alston

Year Four
Mrs Huttley, Mrs Adcock and Mrs Radford

Independent Facilitators

Mrs Edwards, Mrs Evans, Miss Kemp, Mrs Rutter, Mrs Sugden, Mrs Turner, Mrs Warren, Mr Watts, Mrs Woods,  Mrs Wilson

Pastoral Officer – Mrs Hill
ELSA – Ms Bolland

Administration Staff
School Secretary – Mrs Powell
School Receptionist – Mrs Ellis
Business Manager – Mrs Warne
Site Manager – Mr Dunning