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Our Wessex family of schools

Daily Routine

Morning session

Our morning session begins with each child placing their belongs on their peg which has their photo and name. They then find their photo (with their name on) and add it to our self registration board. The children then take part in exploring time and our older children have small group phonics time. They will explore the resources which have been carefully chosen by staff to reflect the children’s interests and next steps in their learning. We then gather together on our carpet for good morning time where we talk about what will happen during the morning and we will look at our self registration board to see how many children are here (lots of mathematical and communication and language skills are practised here). We will then focus on an area of our curriculum (often this is more than one area of our curriculum) to teach a new part of our topic. We then return to our exploring time, where adults will support and extend the children's learning. We are a ‘free flow’ Preschool so children have the opportunity to learn inside or outside whatever the weather. 

The children will then have snack time which is a very sociable event! Snack is provided by us and is a fruit and/or vegetable snack and milk or water. Our school starter children will have a mathematics input during this time whilst our younger children will have an input which predominantly focuses on their prime areas. We will then share a story with the children before returning to exploring time. At the end of the morning session, some children will get ready to go home whilst others stay for lunch and/or the afternoon session. 

Lunch time

At lunchtime the children sit down together and enjoy their packed lunches provided by you. Please remember we are a nut free and healthy school. 

Afternoon session

The afternoon session has less structure than the mornings naturally making them more suited to the younger children and those who are staying all day.

We gather together towards the beginning of the session to discuss what we are going to be doing for the afternoon. During this time, we will focus on an area of learning which is usually topic related. The children then go to exploring time which is freeflow.

Free Flow

We are a free-flow setting. This means your children can choose where they play- inside or outside. This allows your children to learn and play in the environment they are most comfortable in.

All areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage are planned for in both environments. 

Being a free-flow setting also means we are out in all weathers which as you can imagine means waterproofs and wellies are a must for wet days and sun hats and readily applied sun cream for hot days.

Please can we ask that your child has a pair of named wellies that can stay in Pre-school with us and a puddle suit. Many thanks.



Session times





















Children must be collected promptly at the end of each session. We have a very quick turn around and being late collecting your child may mean another child is unable to enter due to our capacity requirements.