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The main aim of the school is to create a love of learning in every child who comes here and to provide each individual with the skills and knowledge to take them forward. High expectations of standards in mathematics and literacy are maintained which provide a strong learning foundation. We support our children in becoming curious, persistent and reflective learners who are not afraid to take risks in meeting their learning challenges. We endeavour to offer an exciting, creative and meaningful curriculum which emphasises learning connections for adult and child alike, and celebrates innovation.

We emphasise the moral values of sharing and caring for each other, and encourage the development of strengths such as teamwork, community awareness, courtesy and self respect. We appreciate that parents play a crucial part in this learning process and their interest and support is both valued and relied upon.

Mission Statement

Inspiring all to learn and grow

Vision statement

Manor Park CE First School provides a happy, safe and nurturing environment enabling everyone to learn and grow.  We are a Christian school and build upon those values whilst embracing diversity and celebrating all beliefs.  Our children are independent, active learners and we celebrate the unique achievements of everybody.   We establish close links with the wider community and encourage our children to value and care for themselves and for others.

The school and its grounds provide an engaging environment which is welcoming to all.  We encourage the children and staff to make the most of our school and the local area to enhance their learning.

It is our aim to ensure that the whole of our school community - children, carers, staff and governors - feel involved, valued and inspired to make a positive contribution for the benefit of each and every one us.

Ultimately we all feel proud to be a part of Manor Park CE First School.

Mrs. Melanie Pallister (Headteacher)