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Our Wessex family of schools


Tapestry is an on-line system which allows us to create an individual Learning Journey Record for every child.  

It helps us to record, track and celebrate children’s progress and share that information with parents. Text, images and videos are uploaded through observations and interactions with children in structured activities or free play.

Tapestry connects staff, parents and children together, making the learning journey a collaborative one.

Tapestry is linked to the ‘Early Learning Goals’ which is the curriculum we follow in Early Years. 

Tapestry is a great way to start the “What did you do in Preschool?” conversation…..

Tapestry can be accessed via their website or by downloading the app.  We will set up your account and will link it with the email you supply us with and you will be given a password.  

You will be notified when an observation is added. 

Tapestry is very much a two-way conversation, so we value families sharing their child’s learning and achievements with us.  One of the best things about Tapestry is that it really is a ‘two-way’ conversation.  You are able to comment on any observation, and also add your own observations of the children at home.  This is brilliant for celebrating any “WOW’ moments or adding something that your child would like to share with the class.

Word of warning…… if you comment on an observation that contains other children, please be aware that their parents can also see your comment. 

Children are by nature very sociable, therefore many observations will contain other children’s images.  Therefore, we have some strict rules on usage:  

No information from Tapestry can be shared with other people or published in any way.  Photographs or videos from Tapestry cannot be posted on any social networking site or displayed in a public place.

Anybody found to be misusing Tapestry or adding inappropriate comments will have their parent account withdrawn.