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Our Wessex family of schools


At Manor Park First school, our overriding intention of our Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Curriculum is to inspire and empower all our children to develop a life-long enjoyment of learning a foreign language. It is also our intention that they will have all acquired the foundation skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their further language studies,  starting with a focus on the spoken and written elements of learning a language, which is linked to the MFL curriculum of our local Middle Schools. Thirdly, all children will have developed a deeper understanding of the importance of language learning and cultural understanding that will contribute to their development as a global citizen of the future.



Alongside partnership schools, we have developed an ambitious MFL curriculum that reflects the Christian values of our school (Love for God, Love for Each Other, Love for Learning). The MFL curriculum inspires pupils to learn a language through the delivery of lessons that are exciting, energetic and accessible to all. The curriculum empowers pupils to succeed by teaching them the core skills and knowledge that delivers excellent levels of achievement and progress for all.  We teach pupils to reflect on cultural differences and to build understanding and break down barriers through learning a language, which underpins our Christian values. 



In the 21st century, MFL is about intercultural inquiry through learned languages. Culture is important in language learning, and language is important in culture-learning. 

The MFL curriculum is being constantly reviewed to promote intercultural learning and language acquisition as interdependent equals. As we develop awareness of and celebrate our cultural diversity in school, this becomes an ever more important part of the MFL experience at Manor Park First School, promoting the British Value of Mutual Respect.