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Manor Park Pre-School

We are a small pre-school that is part of Manor Park First School.  We believe that the best learning is done through socialising and play.  Our priority is to provide a safe, happy environment for childen to learn in which takes into account each child’s individual interests and incorporates them into our everyday planning (Child Centred Play)

Session Times:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 9.00-12.00 9.00-12.00 9.00-12.00 9.00-12.00 9.00-12.00
Lunch Club 12.00-1.00 12.00-1.00 12.00-1.00 12.00-1.00 12.00-1.00
Afternoon 1.00-3.00 1.00-3.00 1.00-3.00 1.00-3.00 1.00-3.00

Children must be collected promptly at the end of each session. We have a very quick turn around and being late collecting your child may mean another child is unable to enter due to our capacity requirements.

We admit children from the term AFTER their second Birthday.

We haves intakes in September and January* and have a minimum booking of 2 sessions of 2 seperate days per week. We have a maximum of 26 children in any session. By attending Manor Park Pre-School you are NOT guaranteed a space at Manor Park First School, Dorset Council admissions apply. 

*Intakes at other times can be arranged in exceptional circumstances, please contact us to discuss

What will my child be doing at pre-school?

At pre-school all of our learning is delivered through play and adapted to child’s individual needs and interests.We deliver adult led activities where an objective is set depending on the children’s needs but majority of our play is child led, meaning they are free to explore their own choice of activities which we then enrich with language and extend their knowledge using books and other resources. We encourage the children to select their own resources to enhance their play and ensure there are plenty of open ended resources to allow this. 

We plan next steps for each child to ensure they are constantly learning – where possible we put these onto tapestry so that they can continue their learning journey at home and you can support us in ensuring your child is continually developing. 

We do focus group time in the morning sessions. This is where we split into age groups – school starters and 2-3 year olds for age specific input. This could be listening to a story or a music and movement session to name a few.

The year before your child starts school we will introduce them to the Read, Write Inc Phonics scheme. This is the scheme used across the school to teach phonics. Before this we will be delivering the Letters and sounds scheme where children are taught through games to tune into the sounds around them, recognise rhythm and begin to break down and blend sounds. 

What else do we do?

Vocabulary tree-  To enrich children’s vocabulary we introduce 2 new words weekly – they may be familiar with these words already but we ensure they have a deep understanding of what the word means and give them plenty of opportunities within their play to use these words. We recap these words throughout the year, to ensure the meaning is embedded. 

Number of the week – Each week we introduce a number of the week. We encourage the children to explore this number and really understand it’s value through clapping the number, drawing, representing, number hunts, finger counting.

Shape of the week – Each week we introduce a shape of the week – Throughout the week they will have the opportunity to deeply explore the shape through mark making and shape hunts.

Nursery rhymes of the week – Each week we introduce 2 new nursery rhymes. It has been proven that children who are able to recall 8 rhymes when they leave pre-school are in the higher English sets in further education (Find and link study!) 

Topics – Although majority of our experiences at pre-school are guided by the children’s interests we do have topics for each half term. We like to call these ‘Areas of exploration’ these are what we will be discussing at group time and what some of our activities will be planned around. We strongly believe that by planning topics we are encouraging the children to have a wider understanding of the world around them.

Reading ted- Each week our Reading Ted goes on a holiday with a child to their home for a few days to share the stories he has in his bag. When he returns the children tell us all about the exciting stories they shared. 

Daily Routine

Self registration

No matter what combination of sessions you choose your child will have a key ring. On one side will be their photo and on the reverse will be their written name. When they enter the class room they will put their key ring onto a peg, this is where they will keep their coat and jumpers for the session. Each day they can choose a different peg if they wish. Bags go in a box and lunch boxes on a trolley.

Morning session

Our morning session begins with good morning time where we talk about what will happen today, the weather and any other important news. We then enter into free play, during this time an adult led activity will also be taking place. Snack time is done cafe style allowing children to attend when they wish rather than stopping their play. They have a choice of milk, water, vegetables, dry produce and fruit provided by pre-school. Towards the end of the session we tidy up and split into groups for focussed learning time. This is a quick 10-15 minute activity and is followed by time to run off steam on the playground. Those leaving at 12 collect their belongings, we say goodbye and welcome in our children starting at 12.

Lunch time

At lunch time we all sit down together and enjoy our packed lunches provided by you whilst we listen to a story.

Please remember we are a nut free school 

We have approx 30 minutes to eat our lunch, we then go to the garden for a play whilst the room is set up for the afternoon.

Afternoon session

We say goodbye to the children going home and welcome in our afternoon children at 1pm. The afternoon session has less structure than the mornings naturally making them more suited to the younger children and those who are staying all day.

We have free flow play for just over an hour then we have a quick tidy up and rhyme time before going to the playground. When we come back in we collect our belongings for home time and have a story before going home.


Once your child has started at Manor Park Pre-School you will receive an invoice for fees due each half term. This amount can be paid on a weekly basis or half termly. You can pay either by cash, by cheque (payable to ‘Manor Park First School’) or by BACS.  If your child is 2 when they start at Pre-School, they will be charged the 2 year old rate until the half term AFTER their 3rd birthday.

   Unfunded 2 year olds Unfunded 3&4 year olds Funded 
Morning Session  (3 hours)  £13.50     £12.00 Free
Afternoon Session ( 2 hours) £9.00   £8.00 Free 
Lunch club £4.50 £4.00 Free
Extras Charge *

£1.00 per morning session

£1.00 per morning session

£1.00 per morning session

Late Collection

5 minutes late = £20.00

10 minutes late = £30

5 minutes late = £20.00

10 minutes late = £30

5 minutes late = £20.00

10 minutes late = £30 

*The ‘Extras Charge’ is compulsory for every child who attends the morning session and covers the cost of snacks, cooking activities, gardening activities, art and craft material and other perishable materials.  This means we can offer your children a much wider range of enrichment to enhance their Pre-School experience.

If you would like 15 hours completely free please book lunch club and afternoon sessions to get your full entitlement. 


All children qualify for free early education funding from the term AFTER their 3rd Birthday. (Or term after their 2nd Birthday if eligible for 2 year funding.

A child born in the period:

Will become eligible for funding:

1st April to 31st August 1st September following the child’s 3rd Birthday 
(Autumn School Term)
1st September to 31st December 1st January following the child’s 3rd Birthday 
(Spring School Term)
1st January to 31st March 1st April following the child’s 3rd Birthday
(Summer School Term)


When your child becomes eligible for funding, the appropriate forms will be sent out to you. This funding will cover your child for a minimum of 15 hours a week (this can include lunch club).  Any extra hours undertaken must be paid at the unfunded rate.

Eligible 2 year olds are entitled to a free 15 hours funding to find out of you are eligible visit:

Eligible working families are entitled to an extra 15 hours top up (30 hours funding) to check your eligibility visit: 

If you are wishing to pay via childcare voucher please let us know the name of the organisation you are using so that we can register with them to receive payments.

All of these options and details on universal credit, Tax credit, Tax free childcare and a handy childcare calculator are available here:


Pre-school uniform is compulsory for all children and consists of the following:-

  • Sky blue school t-shirts 
  • Royal blue school sweatshirts/cardigans 
  • Grey or navy bottoms (leggings, joggers etc)
  • Royal blue summer dresses
  • Suitable closed toe footwear
  • Bookbag (Optional but strongly advisable)

These branded items are available to order through 

It is advisable to order ahead they get very busy as schools break up and are known to have a long waiting time.

We find that wearing a uniform gives the children a sense of belonging. It helps to prepare them before arriving of what to expect of their day. It also means that their lovely home clothes do not get ruined with messy play!!

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